Benefits of Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is an electrochemical method of stopping corrosion of steel in an electrolyte. The reason cathodic protection is very effective is that it tackles corrosion on a thermodynamic level. In fact, once steel is cathodically protected, the corrosion reaction almost becomes thermodynamically undesirable. The reactions that occur on the steel your are protecting do not result in the dissolution of the steel.

In terms of economic return, cathodic protection can extend the service life of your steel structure (tank, pipeline or concrete) in excess of 50 years. There is no other technology that performs even close to this.

Applications of cathodic protection includes:

  • Pipelines

  • Tanks - underground and above ground

  • Sheet Piles

  • Tubular Piles

  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Internal surfaces of pumps

Recent studies indicate that the cost of corrosion to the world economy is in excess of USD 2b.

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