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corrosion protection and control services, UAE - Ducorr


corrosion protection and control services, UAE - Ducorr

What we do

Ducorr provides corrosion control services for steel tanks, pipelines and marine infrastructure.

We design & deploy cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring systems that protect your equipment and infrastructure from pre-mature deterioration when in corrosive environments.

EPC contractors, Operators and infrastructure owners trust Ducorr to do the work on time and with complete confidence.




Operators & EPC Contractors doing great things with Ducorr

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Corrosion Integrity

Ducorr has been working with numerous operators, terminals and refineries for many years to ensure they continue to maintain their cathodic protection systems. Using state of the are techniques, we continue to support our customers objectives.


Working with EPC contractors is something we do everyday at Ducorr. We integrate effortlessly into our customers project schedules to ensure that the projects remain on time & on budget

Marine Infrastructure

Marine structures that use steel sheet piles or tubular piles can have their service life extended when cathodic protection is deployed. We have worked in numerous ports for the deployment of effective corrosion protection systems to increase the life cycle of ports


Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection



Protecting your pipeline from external corrosion can be accomplished using factory applied coatings, tape wraps and cathodic protection. Ducorr have supplied tape wraps, heat shrink sleeves and has effortelssly applied cathodic protection in different countries, under varying working conditions and to different requirements. 

Requirements for cathodic protection using sacrificial anodes or impressed current, we provide you a one-stop-shop service where we can design, manufacture, install and commission the entire system - all to the highest possible standards, in compliance with international standards as well your requirements and quickly.

Storage Tanks

Easily deploy our pre-designed and pre-manufactured systems for above ground or underground storage tanks. Deploying our Platepro system for above ground storage tanks bottom plate protection or the Tankbox for buried steel tanks is as easy as it gets when protecting your tanks from corrosion.

The systems are reliable, dependable, being designed to the latest standards and providing the excellent performance characteristics

Marine Infrastructure

Whether it is a port, jetty or pontoon built using sheet or tubular piling, using cathodic protection can extend the service life significantly at marginal cost. Ducorr designs & deploys these systems by providing solutions that are simple, effective and easy to deploy.

The Tango Deployment System we have developed will allow for the installation of anodes, without the use divers, saving time, money, significantly improving performance and generating overall cost savings for the owner and contractor.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete, when placed in corrosive and aggressive environments can be subject to corrosion of the reinforcing steel. The steel corrosion products, being much larger in volume than the original steel, will cause the concrete to crack & spall. To eliminate this, cathodic protection can be used on new or existing reinforced concrete structures. These structures can be bridges, jetties, foundation pile caps and even piles.


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Professional Services

Professional Services



Survey & Monitoring

For existing cathodic protection systems, annual monitoring & inspections is a good practice and mandatory in many regions.

We provide the full range of inspections; potential surveys and coating inspection surveys. In addition, we provide AC & DC interference investigation and mitigation.


Cathodic Protection

Internal engineering expertise allows us to carry out the detailed design of cathodic protection & corrosion monitoring systems.

Ducorr specifies in accordance with the latest international standards to ensure the systems are the most robust and reliable.

Pipeline Integrity


Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management is necessary for the overall durability of the pipeline when it is installed in corrosive environments. 

We develop manuals, process flows and inspection checklists in accordance with international standards to ensure corrosion issues can be identified early.