Rust or corrosion is insidious and dangerous. It quickly destroys value in what we build and use.

The cost of corrosion is estimated at USD 300 billion annually.

There is a solution.

OIL & gas

The oil and gas industry is one that has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to corrosion. Why? Because a failure can result in loss of life, catastrophic economic consequences, as well, it can wreak havoc on the environment.

Our systems are easy to install and require minimal to no effort when it comes to onsite integration. This makes our service unparalleled.



Because of its exposure to salt water, coastal infrastructure can deteriorate at rapid rates. This compromises your return on investments.

Ducorr prevents your infrastructure from weakening; we pride ourselves in providing permanent solutions to ensure a long service life that will exceed your expectations.

Our superior solutions ensure not only a return on your investment, but can additionally expand and extend continuous income generation.


All around us on a daily basis, we are surrounded by concrete. The walls that shelter us in our homes, our place of work is a material that we rely on heavily as humans. However what makes reinforced concrete so useful unfortunately also makes it so vulnerable. When this material is exposed to salt, suddenly we are at risk of catastrophe.

This is where we come in as experts. Ducorr provides a solution that is unmatched. We offer an experience that prioritises you as our client; your time and peace of mind are our responsibility. We operate a state of the art facility that produces plug and play systems that are durable and withstand the test of time. A test we have proven as a success time and time again.