Underground buried metallic pipelines are continually exposed to an environment that is typically corrosive. The consistent approach, as well as the regulatory approach has been the use of pipeline coatings in conjunction with cathodic protection. These two elements provide the most effective method to prevent corrosion of pipelines. 

We, at Ducorr, from the engineering stage, develop and design systems that can be easily installed. Impressed Current or Sacrificial cathodic protection can be used for existing or newly laid pipelines. Pipelines typically transverse crowded corridors (right of way) - sharing land space with other pipelines and even overhead high voltage transmission lines. We ensure that our designs minimize interference effects from foreign cathodic protection systems as well as AC induction onto your pipeline. 

Ducorr installs this cathodic protection test post as part of an impressed current system for plant piping
Between 2002 & 2003, approximately 25% of pipeline accidents were a result of corrosion. Losses rise up to USD 17million.
— U. S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Special Programs Administration, Office of Pipeline Safety