Annual Inspections of Cathodic Protection Systems. You send us the system details. We arrive onsite and survey your system. 

When our technicians report to site, they are fully briefed on safety, your system and what they have to do. Data collection is typically digital. The moment our technician has completed the inspection, your digital report is already with our Application Engineer.

The report is issued seamlessly. You can even download your report from our online collaboration site. Simple. Easy and quick.

ECDA, CIPS & DVCG Surveys. Your pipeline and its cathodic protection system is aging and it is now time to check the coating quality and have a closer look at the performance of your CP system. CIPS & DCVG will give you answers. We partner with you and make it happen. 

Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) and Direct Voltage Current Gradients (DCVG) are an integral element in ECDA direct corrosion assessments. Using these effective tools, you can pin point locations of concern, repair it and look forward to uninterrupted continuation of services from your pipeline. 

We execute combined surveys as and when required. In the desert, jungle or congested plant locations. We use the latest systems, methods & technology to expedite our work and give you what you need as quick as possible - the final report.