The TankBox™ is a pre-designed factory assembled complete sacrificial cathodic protection system that can be deployed quickly and easily for underground and coated LPG or Fuel tanks.

Figure 1: Anode Installation

Figure 1: Anode Installation

TankBox™ systems features

  •  Complete Sacrificial Cathodic Protection System
  • Pre-designed
  • Quick Installation – no welding, no splicing, no specialist technician required
  • Integrated monitoring & hazardous rated enclosure for testing 
  • Anode Array consisting of high potential magnesium anodes
  • Tank Connection Assembly
  • Monitoring Sensor Assembly
  • Hazardous rated Junction Box [Optional]


  • Entire system comes in the box
  • No need for design
  • No need for Specialists, Technicians or Engineers
  • Service life up-to 20 years
Figure 2: Typical Installation

Figure 2: Typical Installation