Ducorr was contracted to design and deploy a Cathodic Protection System for Shell Iraq Petroleum Development (SIPD) to protect its new and existing buried flowlines in Majnoon Oil Field,Iraq.

The Challenge

The Majnoon Oil field being development by SIPD has several existing and new buried flowlines and production facilities. The new pipelines are coated with a three (3) layer polypropylene (constructed and commissioned in 2013) & old ‘legacy’ pipelines coated with a coal-tar epoxy, FBE and PP and were mostly constructed in 2003.

These flowlines are buried in very corrosive soil and therefore require protection. As the commissioning of a permanent cathodic protection (ICCP) will require more than 6 months, a temporary protection of the new flowlines was needed in order to provide protection during this period of time.

The work was in a challenging environment and a nearby potential minefield increased safety risks.

The duration of the contract was 3 years.