Corrosion Monitoring


corrosion assessements

For existing assets and structures, we carry out corrosion status assessments to determine the extent of damage and potential solutions available. It is common for to execute electrochemical tests and salt profiles. With this data, it will be possible to extrapolate on service life.

Structures that often require assessments include:

  • Bridges

  • Tower Basements

  • Culverts and other ancillary RCC elements


Corrosion monitoring

Corrosion monitoring is an effective tool to ensure that your asset lasts as long as it should or even longer. Corrosion monitoring can be monitored locally, and with some of our systems can be incorporated into BIM systems using SCADA or other communication protocols.

We have deployed corrosion monitoring for:

  • Vessels and tanks

  • Pipelines

  • Reinforced Concrete Basements

  • Reinforced Concrete Piles