Canister anodes for soil applications form an integral part of a cathodic protection system  that can be used to protect a pipeline, tank or concrete structure. The MMO tubular anode is packed into a larger steel canister made from galvanised steel complete with an integral cable tail. The anode comes factory tested and ready to install. 

Spirex Tubular MMO Canister Anodes for soil application


Ducorr PROLIX MMO anodes are an excellent anode array that can be used to protect structures in congested areas. The primary advantage of this type of anode is the small footprint associated small voltage gradient that can easily distribute current uniformly while at the same time minimising interference effects.

PROLIX MMO Linear Anode For Soil Applications


Ribbon strip anodes are an easy and effective method of deploying cathodic protection in reinforced concrete structures. Embedded within the concrete matrix and effectively spaced these anodes can provide corrosion protection in excess of 30 years.

Ribbon Strip Anodes 


Galvanic AnodeS

Ducorr's high potential pre-packed anodes are an excellent form of providing corrosion protection to buried structures. These anodes are best in high resistivity soils. The backfill packing provides an excellent material for keeping the anode material active.

Ducorr Pre Packed Magnesium Anodes For Soil Applications


Pre packed zinc anodes typically are utilised in lower resistivity environments. They provide a longer life and a more stable output over the course of operation.

Ducorr Pre Packed Zinc Anodes For Soil Applications


Aluminium alloy anodes are used for protection of marine structures such as tubular piles or sheet piles. The chemistry of the alloy can be in accordance with NACE, BS EN or Australian standards deepening on your project. 

Aluminium Alloy Anodes For Sea Applications