Storage of petroleum products forms an important part of the overall energy supply chain. Storage solutions consist of above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks and double walled LPG tanks that are constructed above ground. These metallic structures are exposed to potential deterioration from corrosion on surfaces that directly are in contact with the soil backfill. As such, our services are called in to provide protection using catholic protection for these surfaces. 

Cathodic protection systems for these structures are designed to provide service life up to thirty years at times. As such, Ducorr uses its expertise to design these systems to be robust and reliable 



The Platepro system is a fantastically efficient and easy to install & operate impressed current cathodic protection system for bottom plates for above ground storage tanks.  The systems are pre-designed & factory manufactured in accordance with API 651 and is designed with 30 years service.

Download Platepro Specification Sheet


The TankBox is an is incredibly compact, phenomenally easy to install galvanic cathodic protection system that can be used for your LPG or buried fuel tanks. The system is pre-designed, manufactured & tested in accordance with NACE (USA) standards and offers a deployment time of less than 30 minutes. 

Download TankBox Specification Sheet